Medicine Sachets

Our Medicine Sachet system is an excellent way to easily manage your medicines.

Making sure patients get the right medication at the right time.

Each sachet clearly displays your vital information, is perforated for convenience and comes in a handy dispensing box.

Your medicines are conveniently packed in to the sachets at the appropriate dose times and each individual dose is labelled with your name, dose time and the medicines taken at that time.

​Our Medicine Sachets are great for:

  • Making it easier to remember to take your medicines
  • Customers on multiple medicines, or a complicated regimen
  • Travelling
  • Safety, all of the medicines are in one place and can be easily stored

Benefits of Medicine Sachet System include:

  • Can be done weekly or monthly to suit your needs.
  • Convenient, easy to use and easy to open packaging.
  • Tailor dose times to suit your busy lifestyle and optimize your medicine regimen. Not limited to four dose times per day – it is a very flexible system (allows up to 9 dose times per day).
  • Convenient to organise medications for traveling.
  • Delivery of medication at no extra charge, if required.
  • Co-ordination of changes to the medication roll.
  • Written medicine information available on request.
  • Can contact prescriber to get new prescriptions if it suits you.

Make an appointment with our team to discuss medications, how our system works and how to use the medication box and refill it each time.

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