Pharmacy Services

These pharmacy services are provided under a contract with the Northern District Health Board

Our Pharmacy Services Include:

  • Dispensing prescribed medicines. You need to provide us with the prescription from your doctor, dentist, midwife or nurse prescriber to receive prescription medicines from us.
  • Professional advice about the medicines you have been prescribed
  • We maintain a medication profile, keeping on file a list of medicines you have been prescribed.
  • For your safety, we have an obligation to report any significant findings about your medicine to your prescriber – your doctor, dentist, midwife or nurse prescriber, who wrote the prescription. This will be done in a confidential manner.

We also provide the following additional services:

  • Medico Blister Packs
  • Warfarin Education
  • Emergency Contraceptive Pill
  • Trimethoprim for eligible women with urinary tract infections
  • Photo Processing
  • Passport Photos
  • Ear Piercing
  • Compression Stockings

Waiting Times:
We will dispense your prescription within at least ONE hour. If we do not have your medicine in stock, we will source it locally if possible and have it ready for you the next day.  Please discuss with us the best time for you to collect your items.

If there are any delays in obtaining your medicine, we will discuss this with you and make suitable arrangements. If an occasion arises when we are unable to supply all medicines at the time of dispensing, we will make arrangements to supply the balance.

We will only charge you the correct co-payment levels. Please ask us if you are unsure about the cost of your medicines. As the medicine subsidy may change from month to month, depending on the subsidy price negotiated by PHARMAC, your medicine prices can vary. If you have any queries regarding these charges or the funding of prescription medicines, please phone the PHARMAC information line 0800 66 00 50 (9am – 4pm weekdays)

There is an additional fee of $5.00 per person for faxed prescriptions.

A premium is charged if the prescribed medicine is NOT FULLY subsidised. If you wish, we will always inform you if there is a fully subsidised, alternative medicine. This will also be discussed with your prescriber.

Prescription Records:
We maintain a record of the subsidised prescription items which have been dispensed to you by us.  This information is kept on our pharmacy computer systems.

If you visit more than one pharmacy, we will also include those prescription items on file, provided you can supply us with the prescription details, by way of a receipt from that pharmacy. These records are maintained for you and members of your family. Please check with us that we have the correct members of your family included as part of this record.

After you have paid the prescription charges for 20 subsidised items, at any pharmacy, from February 1 to January 31 each year, and you have provided the correct details about the prescriptions, we will issue your family a Prescription Subsidy Card. This reduces the government charges for the rest of that year.

You may wish to keep these records yourself. If so, please ask us for a Prescription Record Card.

Your Safety:
We have written and implemented policies and procedures for safety and security, and take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of you and our employees.

How much medicine can be dispensed:
Our contract with the District Health Board requires us to dispense some medicines in 30 day lots and others in 90 day lots. Unfortunately we are not able to change this at your request unless there are special circumstances.

If you are entitled to a repeat on your prescription we will only dispense this on your request, provided this is before the final date on the medicine label. In line with this policy, your repeat will be issued if your last supply is reasonably exhausted.

Our dispensing service includes:

  • Directions for safe and effective use of your medicine.
  • Advice about managing side effects from your medicine.
  • The correct storage requirements for your medicine and disposal of unused medicines.
  • The expected outcome of your therapy.

We dispense your prescription according to the professional requirements required by the Ministry of Health, Pharmacy Council of New Zealand, the subsidy requirements of the Pharmaceutical Schedule and our contract with the Northern District Health Board.

We have a pharmacist in the pharmacy at all times, who always supervises our dispensing services. If you wish to discuss your medicines with a pharmacist, please ask.

The name(s) of our pharmacist(s) on duty are displayed in the pharmacy

Medicine delivery:
If you are unable to come in the pharmacy to collect your medicines, we will deliver your prescription for you. There may be a charge for this service, however, due to safety reasons, we will not leave medicines at your home if no-one is home.

Medicine receipts:
We will always provide you with a receipt for the cost of each item. The receipt details the government surcharge (or co-payment) for fully subsidised medicines, any premium charges for partly subsidised medicines and/or the total cost. You will be required to pay the full amount of all medicine charges at the time of dispensing. We are not permitted to re-use medicines and cannot refund medicines that you no longer require.

After Hours Phone:
Coast to Coast Medical Centre (09) 423 8086 or Kensington Pharmacy (09) 437 3722

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